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Moving canmaking forward

In operation, Pride Synapse monitors, adjusts and reports, in real-time, can line data drawn from multiple sources. The goal: an increase of productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in greater manufacturing efficiencies and increased process capabilities for companies on their way to a place we call… the future. 

Real-time monitoring.

Real-time reporting.

Real-time adjustments.

Real-time game changer.

Clamp ring force sensor

Customize clamp ring force for each can size through precise pressure setting and real-time monitoring.

Integrated Over Travel Sensor

Set up over travel correctly and monitor for changes or adverse events such as double cans.

Customizable setting force starting point and real-time monitoring

Adjustable setting force to optimize for each can size and continuous monitoring to ensure process stays within process window.

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More insight.

More control.

More of everything

In our constant pursuit of canmaking perfection, our best thinking has led us to PRIDE SYNAPSE™ designed to specifically address the rigors of the canmaking process and provide canmakers:

Real-time performance monitoring and
decision making to drive improved line performance

More efficient maintenance cycles

Reduced maintenance costs

Minimized equipment damage

Minimized downtime

Higher quality cans

Meet pride synapse

Schedule time with one of our canmaking experts to evaluate ways that you can improve the efficiency of your can line, plan for long term success and create a modernization plan without having to completely replace all of your existing hardware. If you prefer, you can always call us at 1+763-427-6250